Whole30 Days 8 through 14 - Eat on the Run

Whole30 Days 8 through 14

by Melissa on February 15, 2016

OMG. The Whole30 timeline is completely on point.  Meaning, days 10 and 11 are the hardest days.  And my wall came on day 12 – by wall I mean complete meltdown.  It was as though a sugar addict possessed my body.  Poor Devin.  At one point during the meltdown, he said “ok, just eat the cookie.” 

I didn’t.  Devin and I had been planning to go out to eat this past weekend for our one year engagement anniversary.  Devin put a lot of effort into planning the date, and I knew we’d be eating a non-Whole30 approved meal.  So….  I held back. 

I think low blood sugar also contributed to the meltdown.  While you can make extraordinary meals on the Whole30, I hadn’t quite figured out an easy to whip up, yummy meal for those evenings when I was just too tired to cook.  Leftovers are great, but we were using them for lunches.  By Thursday night, I didn’t have it in me.  We ate salmon burgers and sliced potatoes …yum…  Then on Friday, I just wanted to collapse.  We used to do pizza night on Fridays – it’s easy, delicious, and just a fun thing to do at the end of the week.   I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t want a Whole30 meal.  You could have given me a personal chef, and I would have declined.  I wanted our pizza night, I wanted a beer, and I wanted a darn Valentine’s cookies.  NOTHING was going to get my mind off of it. 

So, I had a leftover meatball.

Let me step back and say that yes I’m a dietitian.  Yes, I fight food cravings.  I’m learning. 

Devin and I did have a non-Whole30 meal on Saturday evening.  We enjoyed pasta and wine at a spot that’s very near to our hearts in the city.  Per Melissa Hartwig’s comment on going off plan, it has to be a memorable, once in a lifetime moment.  Our first engagement anniversary and the last Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple felt like a perfect reason.  We stayed on plan throughout the day and allowed our dinner to be a treat.  Typically one meal or even one ingredient off the Whole30 is meant for a re-start, but that wasn’t not the point of our Whole30 – to be perfect. 

We wanted to have an idea of how foods affect us and also our cravings.  We came into the Whole30 eating pretty well – leaving our vices like creamer, a piece of chocolate after dinner, and white rice off the menu.  We’ve felt great on the plan so far and even my taste buds have changed.

So, now we’re back!  It feels great to be eating Whole30 again.

Let’s take a recap of last week – keeping in mind my end of week meltdown caused some less than stellar meals.  So, these are probably more like highlights!

Likely, the best meal was our Whole30 chili.  No beans, lots of meat and veg.  Recipe was found in the Whole30 cookbook.


We also had a lot of salads.  I put two chicken breasts in the crockpot on low heat for 8 hours with lemon pepper seasoning, lemon slices, and a little bit of chicken stock.  It shredded perfectly and was ready to be added to meals throughout the week.  We also hardboiled 1 dozen eggs for snacks and salads.


The real reason I’m surviving Whole30?  Nut butter…


Call this an “Ode to Nut Butter”.  As a self-proclaimed peanut butter addict, if it weren’t for almond butter, I’d probably lose it.  Take away chocolate AND nut butter.  NO WAY.

almond butter

While menu planning this week, we’ve decided to be a little less ambitious and throw in a few easy to whip up meals like tuna salad lettuce cups with soup.  Lessons learned.

What is one big nutrition or eating “A-HA” moment you’ve had?  Did you learn the lesson the hard way?

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