Whole30 Days 1 through 7 - Eat on the Run

Whole30 Days 1 through 7

by Melissa on February 7, 2016

As a registered dietitian, you’re probably wondering why I’m following the Whole30 eating pattern.  Good question!  Let’s start with a few points first :)


I’ve always been a proponent of the 30 day eating pattern as a way to learn more about the foods you’re eating and how they affect you.  In essence, the Whole30 is a 30 day elimination diet. An elimination diet is one that removes typical allergenic foods from your diet for a period of time, and then reintroduces them slowly to see which may affect you. 

The draw of the Whole30 for me personally is that I’m highly aware of how sugar affects my body and my mood, however I love chocolate and almost consider it an essential part of my diet.  While a small piece of chocolate a day isn’t necessarily bad, I also feel like I want to have control over what food I eat vs. feeling as though my food is in charge.

Towards the end of January, Devin and I decided to start our first Whole30. With just 6 weeks until our wedding day, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to reduce the processed foods and focus on produce and organic meats.

The biggest bummer so far is that  I was pretty sick the first few days of the challenge. So, it’s only been since Friday that I’ve been able to evaluate how the program is truly making me feel.  Before we head into my first week thoughts, here’s an overview of what we’ve been eating throughout the day.


I have been loving my Whole30 breakfasts.   I found a great replacement for oatmeal which is bananas, blueberries, and almond butter.  A few mornings I had an egg or two, whether hardboiled or scrambled.  Many who have gone through the Whole30 complain of getting egg burnout, but I’ve probably eaten the same thing for breakfast for the past 3 years (oatmeal).



Lunch and dinner go together because most of the time we had leftovers.  Since I was sick for the first part of the week, I was able to whip up a Whole30 chicken soup with broth, chicken, spinach, onion, and then egg to make it an egg drop soup.  What an easy meal to whip up and get in more vegetables.  


My spiralizer came in handy to make these Thai Meatballs.  I altered this recipe a bit by using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and then added an extra egg to the turkey meatball recipe.  It was delicious!


Then for our date night dinner, I made a recipe from the Whole30 cookbook of Ginger Citrus Cod with Coconut Cauliflower Rice.  It felt like we were at the beach (not too long until we are!!)


Other meals included salmon, salad, and sweet potatoes.


I wish I would have taken a picture of our Curry Chicken.  It honestly felt like take out and we had cauliflower rice for the first time with this meal.  I will definitely recreate and post later on!

I also made Sweet Potato Fajita Chicken.  This is definitely going to become a household staple, Whole30 or not!   Again, I’ll make it again and repost the recipe.  :)

Week 1 Thoughts

I like this eating pattern so far.  First, it’s only 30 days that I have to be extremely diligent about my diet.  This would be difficult to continue with year round.  The author’s specifically say it’s not a Whole365 for a reason.  I think Devin and I will find it hard to eat out this month only because to find something soy, dairy, grain, and sugar free is difficult.  I challenge you to even find a healthy soup in the supermarket that fits this bill.

Black coffee is a whole new world!  We’re using cinnamon and coconut milk to help cut the bitterness, but I do miss my vanilla creamer. 

This can be an extremely low-carb diet, and I am NOT a proponent of a low-carb diet.  I’m making sure to include plenty of fruit (3 servings) and at least one or two starchy vegetables per day.  Depending on your size and energy needs, you may need more or less.

My sugar cravings spiked around day 5 and 6.  I was dreaming of a Reese’s cup.  But….guess what?  I lived :) And I’m really proud of myself for not giving into the craving.

While my skin is looking really good, I’m still waiting to see if this will last throughout the 30 days.  I’ve always had a bit of an issue with acne and I’m inclined to say that the reason it’s clearing up is the elimination of added sugars and dairy, which I’ve always been affected by. 

Devin has mentioned it’s been an adjustment to not reach for rice or bread (coffee creamer too!), but he likes knowing that we’re eliminating additives and preservatives.  He said it feels great to know that his body is running on whole foods and pure ingredients. 

Also, it’s Superbowl Sunday!  Instagram you are killing me with all the delicious Whole30 Non-Compliant food :-P  But Devin and I have made homemade potato chips, guacamole, and grilled herb wings.  I have felt very satisfied with this fun meal!


Have you ever done a Whole30?  Do you feel like soy, grains, dairy, or sugar affect you?

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