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Transitioning Back to Reality Post Wedding

by Melissa on April 12, 2016

Over 3 weeks ago, I married the love of my life.  When we started planning last February, it was hard to believe the day would ever arrive.  Between picking out a dress, choosing the venue (not hard!), flowers, rings, seating charts, and so much other fun, it could be an overwhelming process at times.  When our weekend was finally here, it really was worth all the effort Devin and I put into it (and our parents!).  I can’t wait to share the story and photos from the day.  We have a few snapshots to tide us over (see below) :)

Jekyll Island Wedding venue:  Crane Cottage @ The Jekyll Island Club

photographer: Concept-A Photography

Jekyll Island Wedding

While I had a lot of advice on prep, planning, and even how to enjoy every moment of our wedding day, I didn’t have the same advice for how to handle the few weeks after all the fun died down.  Luckily, we chose to do our honeymoon directly after the wedding (giving ourselves a buffer day), which extended the celebration and fun. 


But, getting back into reality was no joke.  For a few days, I kept looking at people like “don’t you know the biggest day of my life just happened!?”  After being on an emotional high for almost a month, the other side of that was something to deal with.  Thankfully, my husband is oh so supportive and made our transition back into our new reality smooth and fun!

I also had some forethought and made a few plans to make our adjustment a little easier.  First, I started us with HelloFresh.  I’ll have a full review of the cook your own meal delivery program soon, but all I can say is I’m hooked now!  We had it delivered the day we arrived home from the honeymoon, so I didn’t have to worry about running to the grocery store and planning meals.  Definitely recommend for any new hubby and wife! 

IMG_20160329_173359 If you’re interested in trying HelloFresh, use code B5WFYG for $40 off your first box!

We also had our house keeper come and tidy up our townhome prior to coming home.  Definitely a splurge, but with my personality type, organization and cleanliness decrease my overall stress levels. 

Making the transition from bride and groom to husband and wife has been fun.  It’s now about “us” and “our” life.  Plus, I have a beautiful new last name to throw everyone off when they email me! Ha! 


So, what has the hardest transition been for me so far?  Getting back into my workout routine.  It was such a priority before the wedding, as it probably is for most brides.  Therefore, after the wedding it was nice to not have the pressure to get the workout in.  Also, I had very specific workout goals prior to the wedding.  Now I’m in search of my new goal and motivation.  I’ll keep you posted on what I figure out, but for now I’m just focused on working back into a regular routine and enjoying the workouts.  Whatever interests me that day is what I’m going to do!

Are you recently married?  How did you do with the transition post-wedding?  Any tips you want to share with any future Mr & Mrs?

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