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Spring Fitness Favorites - Eat on the Run

Spring Fitness Favorites

by Melissa on March 31, 2014

At the turn of every season, I’m always looking at fashion.  Not the typical fashion you may think.  Others may be dreaming of days with sandals, maxi dresses, and light weight trench coats.  While I love all of that, I’m usually daydreaming of running shorts, sports sunglasses, and cute yoga tanks.  Warm weather, please stay!

spring fit favs

And with every turn of the season, the industry does a wonderful job of offering us fun new finds in beautiful colors.  And like Icarus and the sun, I always step too close.  Only, I never really feel like I get burned – my wallet…yes – but these are items I use daily!

Here are my top favorites.  Both things that I have and things that I love.

Spring Favorites


1.  Lucy’s Crossback Tank


I recently found this at a steep discount.  It was in a beautiful shade of pink, however I absolutely love the purple as well.  It has a built in bra and a zipper pocket at the low back.  Already I love it for running but think it will make a perfect yoga tank as well.

2.  Feetures Elite Sock


As part of the ambassador program for Zooma Annapolis (join me!!) I’ve been testing out a few items from the sponsors.  Feetures is one of them and I’m not sure how I’ve worn any other sock for running.  I can only describe it as though you’re feet are getting a hug.  Plus, no rubbing and your feet stay dry.

3. Ultimate Direction Handy 10


This company was created by Jenny Jurek specifically for women.  This isn’t too big and fits perfectly in my hand during a run.  Again, through the Zooma Ambassador program I was sent this to try out since UD is also a sponsor.  I love trying out new running gear and this is one piece that will always be part of my training plan!

For 20% off use code ZoomaUD20  —– Who doesn’t love coupons???

4. UA Perfect Bag


This bag looks like it could go from boardroom to locker room in a flash!  Heck, I’d probably use it 24/7!  It has a tablet sleeve and a cross body strap.  Oh Under Armour you’ve done it again!

5.  Polar V800


This isn’t even available yet and I’m drooling.  Definitely a tech junkie and this fits the bill.  Heart rate – check,  GPS – check, waterproof – check.  I used to wear a polar heart rate monitor religiously when I taught fitness classes and now Heather is raving about the effects of using HR data for race training…hmmm might have to try!


What’s your favorite fit item lately?  Is there anything on your wish list right now?  Other than the Polar V800, I’d have to say a Vitamix is on my wish list & a Kitchen Aide.  Ok, yeah so those aren’t fitness related, but abs are made in the kitchen right? Smile

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Maria @ The Good Life April 7, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Uuh,,, I have been looking for a GPS thats also a HR monitor. I am a tech junkie too. Now you have me drooling with you over this!


Melissa April 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm

tech junkies unite!


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