A Warm Winter Weekend

December 13, 2015

It’s been in the 60s and 70s all weekend and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have the windows open while still enjoying the Christmas lights.  After last year’s artic winter, it’s nice to think this year might be just a bit more mild. (Fingers crossed) Devin and I started our weekend off with a […]

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Run Coaching

October 11, 2015

Last spring I took the RRCA Run Coach certification course.  It was a weekend long intensive.  Between the running fundamentals I learned that weekend and the tools I have from being a registered dietitian and group fitness instructor, I knew that I would love working with individuals towards reaching their running goals. Therefore, I’m excited […]

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My Favorite Books of 2015

October 8, 2015

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to read 1 book per month.  Guess what number I’m on?  5 Ok, so I’m a little behind.  But, I’m not upset.  I’m reading a lot more this year than I was last and I think that’s the whole point of resolutions – improvement.  Maybe next […]

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Running in the Dark

October 6, 2015

Here in the DC area, we’ve been dealing with a lot of weather change.  This past weekend brought Hurricane Joaquin.  Then the temperatures dropped to the 40s (it was just in the 80s I swear!), and now it’s dawning on me that it’s pitch black out until almost 7am When you prefer to run outside, […]

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Grilled Caesar Salad

September 22, 2015

Fall is here. Half of you probably have your hands in the air saying “Amen”, while the other half are dodging everyone else and their pumpkin spice lattes. I love Fall, but I also love Spring, and Summer too.  So Fall presents this weird “I love you, but I also know that you bring something […]

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Stair Workout

September 9, 2015

So you know I love to run…right? But when I’m at the gym, the treadmill looks like a torture device.  I’d much rather see scenery passing me by than stare at a TV screen.  So when I’m there, I will either choose the elliptical or stairclimber (not a fan of the elliptical either – try […]

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End of Summer Harvest Pasta

September 7, 2015

I can’t believe it’s officially the end of the summer!  While I probably enjoy fall and spring like weather a little more, ending the summer always feels like we’re welcoming winter – which I like for about 2.5 days (aka the holidays…). The good part is that we still have more time for great weather […]

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Running for What?

September 1, 2015

I ran my first race in the fall of 2008.  I had my number pinned to my back.  Lots of lessons learned, miles run, and over 20 races – it’s late 2015 and I have no race on the horizon. Not one. Typically, I am one that needs the carrot, and sometimes, the stick, to […]

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July 21, 2015

Just as much as the next person, I love instagram.  There’s something kind of soothing about scrolling through pretty pictures at the end of your day.  But there’s also something sad when the next thing you know, it’s 9pm and you’ve barely said anything to your significant other.  Tech can be addicting.  Computers, smartphones, tablets, […]

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Weekend Wrap Up + Around the Web

July 20, 2015

Whoa weekend.  Have you ever had a weekend that you’re not quite sure what happened to it, let alone what you really did?  I had one of those.  Let’s just say smoke detectors and late nights on a ladder do not make the ideal weekend. But, I try to be the eternal optimist and see […]

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