Her Holiday Wish List

December 16, 2014

I wish I could write this from the viewpoint of a guy, but I can’t.  I could even try to pull from what I think Devin likes, but even then I’d be taking a guess.  Instead, I’m offering up some last minute gift ideas for the active lady on your list.  She may not be […]

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Abs Challenge Week 3: Beating Sugar Cravings

November 18, 2014

You’ve made it to week 3!  [recap:  Week 1 Part 1, Week 1 Part 2, Week 2 Part 1, Week 2 Part 2, Dietitian on the Run] As we enter this week, much of the US is covered in snow and/or preparing for the holiday season.  While I love the snow (if it’s going to […]

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360 Degree Ab Workout

November 12, 2014

How’s the water situation going? Feeling fresh? I BET! Now it’s time to tune into targeting your abs this week in the FITNESS FOCUS But what does it mean to train your abs from all angles?  Well, your abs are more than just the front of your stomach and they require a bit more work […]

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Week 2: November Abs Challenge

November 11, 2014

Welcome to week 2!  I hope you enjoyed week 1 by focusing on whole foods and kick starting your journey to washboard abs with 2 interval training routines!  In case you’re wondering, we’re not getting rid of whole foods and cardio – that was just the beginning.  Instead, look at each week as building on […]

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Abs are made in the kitchen & Worked in the gym

November 7, 2014

Hey abs challengers, how’s it going?  Are you a little tired from your first round of cardio intervals?  Need a little extra nutritional push to keep you going?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Today I’m sharing one of my favorite vegetables and the many ways I use it to create a healthy, low carb […]

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Week 1: November Abs Challenge

November 3, 2014

Why an abs challenge during a month that leads into the busiest of holiday seasons? Well, why not? I honestly can’t think of a better time of the year to host an abs challenge right when we’re starting to become slightly more sedentary (um, hello! no more sun after 5:30pm) and eat a bit more […]

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Mizuno Wave Rider 18: There is no finish line

October 30, 2014

*Mizuno provided me with these shoes to test drive (aka run the city in), however all opinions are my own* I started running in high school.  Track team and the only thing I could do was run the 2 miler (3200).  No jumping.  No throwing.  Just run. Then I burnt out.  Goodbye running, hello college […]

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Meatless Meals & Easy to Make Veggie Burgers

October 28, 2014

Hi Eat on the Runners!  Long time, no write I know, it makes me sad too.  Sometimes when life happens, blogging slows – which is a good thing!  But I’ve missed my creative outlet and interacting with you all on a regular basis.  That is why I am back and ready to roll!  Let’s get […]

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Post Workout Fuel

September 25, 2014

As a dietitian, I’m more than well aware of the effects of proper nutrition on the body, especially when it comes to performing your best during a workout.  This fueling strategy is not only needed before the workout, but also after. However, as a person, I have to learn it the hard way like everyone […]

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Fueled and Motivated (Giveaway!)

September 13, 2014

Happy Weekend!  It’s rainy and chilly here in the Nation’s capital and feels like fall.  It’s a perfect day to sit down, write a blog post, and sip on some coffee.  This week I really hit the workouts hard with strength training, teaching, cycling, and running.  And because of that, my nutrition really needed to […]

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