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HelloFresh: A Review

by Melissa on April 15, 2016

Since returning home from the wedding and honeymoon, my cooking game has gotten a big boost.  I had a coupon for a free box from HelloFresh and decided to cash it in for our first week home.  The time it can take to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep was going to be too much between the many other things we needed to do to get back to reality.

Our meals arrived in a cooler box with cold packs covering the meat and fish.  I’m not sure when it arrived, but it was still very fresh and COLD when we brought it into the house.  We went with the 3 meals per week plan, which allows us to have one night during the work week to cook our own meal, eat out, or just have leftovers. 

So what’s in the box?


In each box, the fresh ingredients are divided into smaller boxes and labeled for the recipe they’re designated for.  Also, each recipe is included with step by step instructions and pictures.  It makes tackling a new recipe much easier when you know what each step should look like. 


Jamie Oliver has partnered with HelloFresh and each week you can choose the recipe he has created specifically for this service.  The common belief is that they want to help busy people make fresh, healthy, delicious food from scratch.  I couldn’t support that more!  Cooking is one way to show love, connect with your food, and really enjoy time with family and friends. 

Our first meal was a Jamie Oliver recipe (above) The Grilled Chicken with Warm Green Bean Salad.  We really enjoyed this and will absolutely make it again.  Hint: there hasn’t been a recipe so far that I wouldn’t put on the table again.  Everything has been so tasty!  I’m even learning new skills and discovering different ways to cook our favorites.

Other recipes we’ve enjoyed:

Fiesty Fiesta Tacos (not as spicy as I imagined with a name like “fiesty”!)


Not pictured: Juicy Lucy Burger.  Hands down my favorite so far.  I have everything ready to make these when we get home on Sunday.  PLEASE do yourself a favor and put these on the table soon! Smile

Crispy Chicken Milanese.  So light and full of flavor!


Jamie’s Sticky Asian Style Salmon.  Honestly, Asian style dishes are not my specialty, and I feel like I knocked this one out of the ball park.  It tasted like a restaurant quality meal!


One drawback for our us?  No leftovers.  Devin and I are big on taking leftovers for lunch the next day and don’t want to purchase our meals out.  So, we do have to plan ahead and get ingredients for salads and sandwiches.  Not a big deal, but we have always relied on our dinners to supply a little extra Winking smile

Our plan right now is use HelloFresh for the weeks we are busy or will be away during the weekends.  This way we’re still cooking at home, having healthy delicious meals.  Plus with the quality of ingredients, it’s still cheaper than eating out.  I’m envisioning we will use HelloFresh twice per month.  I still love to grocery shop when I have time and to make my own recipes.

Interested in trying HelloFresh

Use this coupon code: B5WFYG to receive 3 free meals (aka 50% off your first box).  It’s a wonderful service for busy couples or families.

Have you tried a service like HelloFresh?  What has been your experience?

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