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Goodbye 2016

by Melissa on December 31, 2016

365 days ago I could only imagine the amazing year 2016 would be.  This was the year I would marry the love of my life and we would start our life together.   It would also be a busy year full of adventures.

Let’s start from the beginning!  In January, who could forget the storm of the century???


Devin and I had so much fun getting snowed in and learning how to shovel our way out!  Smile

It was a busy packed winter with my bridal shower hosted by my mama (pictures below), my last fitting (which involved a quick fun trip to Florida), and all the last minute wedding planning. 


We even squeezed in a trip to NYC for family visits and a ring sizing (running through central park below)


As spring came into view, we wrapped up work and headed south for our “I Dos!”. 

The weekend of festivities was a dream.  The Jekyll Island Club Crane Cottage was our venue and all wedding events were held on the grounds of the cottage, which we hoped would make everyone’s weekend easy, relaxed, and fun.  The day called for showers and cool temps, but after a brief morning shower, the clouds parted and we had a warm sunny spring like day on the island. 

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A few days later, we took off for a week in sunny Mexico for our honeymoon at the Excellence.  It was truly paradise!  We wined, dined, and slept on the beach.  As a special wedding gift from my bridesmaids, we had a catered beach front dinner for two <3


After two and half weeks of celebrating, we made it back to DC to settle in as Mr and Mrs.  It took us awhile to come down from the high of our wedding and all the love that surrounded us during that time.

With so many generous wedding gifts, we jumped into finally settling into our townhouse and making it feel like our home. 

Photo Jul 18, 8 23 07 AMPhoto Jul 18, 8 22 50 AM

Devin spoiled me for my 28th birthday with a boxing class and helped my mom surprise me for the weekend.  After traveling in Boston and running along the Charles River, I’d call that birthday a win.

Photo May 12, 7 21 22 AMPhoto May 14, 10 35 21 AMPhoto May 19, 6 27 38 PM

We discovered our love of hiking, which we will be making a resolution to do more of in 2017. (Sugarloaf Mtn pictured below)

Photo May 30, 12 09 59 PMPhoto May 30, 12 10 38 PM

When summer came, we headed back to Florida to celebrate Devin’s sister, Shannon, and her new husband Jason, for their wedding.

Photo Jun 04, 4 35 53 PMPhoto Jun 04, 6 34 16 PMPhoto Jun 14, 7 41 26 AM

It was a beautiful beachside celebration which narrowly missed a tropical storm!  The luck we had with weather was unbelievable!

The summer consisted of local adventures, including my first concert at the Kennedy Center.

Photo Jun 25, 7 04 38 PM

We spent the 4th of July in the mountains hiking the ski slopes and staying warm by the bonfire.


We enjoyed our summer mostly by the pool in our community or on our deck with homemade cocktails or reading a good book. 


Summer was also a time to study.  I finally checked off my list “become a CSSD, certified specialist in sports dietetics”!


At the end of summer, we celebrated with my mom and dad coming to town for her birthday.  We had a great monuments at night tour to celebrate the DC way!


As summer came to a close, we geared up for football season (one of our favorite times of year)! It was time to head to Penn State to cheer on the Nittany lions or cozy up and watch the Buckeyes at home.

Photo Nov 26, 6 02 05 PM

Devin and I also planned a weekend getaway to Charlottesville with our close friends Maria and Dario.  We enjoyed the Blue Ridge Mountains in mid-October, perfect for seeing the leaves!

Photo Oct 14, 2 38 49 PMPhoto Oct 14, 4 41 12 PMPhoto Oct 15, 12 38 59 PMPhoto Oct 19, 7 59 57 PM

Devin and I also survived our first Ohio State loss to PSU (well one that happened while being together).

Photo Oct 22, 4 24 49 PM

True love is through wins and through losses. Smile

Fall of 2016 was also a time to put more mileage on my feet again and get back to the running girl I’ve always been.  I had taken time off from racing while we planned our wedding and enjoyed our time being engaged. 

Photo Oct 02, 9 40 42 AM

As I set my sights on the Rehoboth Beach half marathon, my running coaches helped me plan a few tune up races, one of which Devin joined me in, making it the first race we completed together!  It was a great time!

I took my miles on the road with me, seeing much of the area as the leaves turned and the temps fell.


Before we knew it, it was time to head off to Rehoboth for the half.  We stayed at the Dog Fish Inn and enjoyed an amazing weekend seaside.

Photo Dec 03, 6 58 12 AM

Even though training wasn’t perfect, I was able to take each mile as it came and conquer the course for a PR.  I’ll definitely be running this race again!

December came and with it a mad dash to the finish at work.  2016 was a busy year full of ups and downs that taught me a lot of lessons.  But, Devin made sure to infuse the Christmas spirit into it all with a surprise holiday concert at the Kennedy Center and little treats throughout the month to help me stay cheerful!

Photo Dec 06, 6 29 21 PMPhoto Dec 17, 4 15 06 PM

As I write this, we just returned from a trip to Florida to spend time with family and celebrate Christmas.  Both my parents and Devin’s family were together, making it a very special holiday.

Photo Dec 25, 7 34 22 PMPhoto Dec 26, 6 19 16 PM

Thank you 2016 for all the joy you brought.  Thank you for the lessons you taught me.  And thank you for the blessings each and every day.

I’m looking forward to 2017 –  to growing, to learning, and to exploring!

Happy New Year everyone Smile

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